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new album!

1. White 04:18
2. Green 02:29
3. Pink 07:50
4. Blue 03:13
5. Orange 04:49
6. Purple 10:43
7. Red 05:35
8. Black 00:50

NIGHT is the second solo album after a long period of live presentations and
artistic research since 2001. The focus of this artistic research is on the behaviour
of feedback-textures (amplified by ever changing sound systems in different sized
spaces with specific relations of wood, glass, stone, fabric etc.), the development
of specific techniques as well as the feedback-textures' metaphors of sound. The
feedback-saxophone sound production is strictly analog, no processing, no effects;
a microphone capsula in the saxophone tube, connected with a rudimentary
pre-amp plugged into a basic mixer, which sends the signal to the front-of-house
sound system and an on-stage, on-site available feedback-trigger-speaker.
(Michael Fischer)


the feedback-saxophone was performed at (selection since 1999)

parallel art fair, Vienna 2019
Notgalerie, Aspern Nord, Vienna 2019
luggage store music gallery, San Francisco, 2019
Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, 2019
artfoundation Wien, 2019
Tonspur Live 110, MQ 21, Vienna 2018
Galerie Kunstbüro, Vienna 2018
Closing Event of the European Beat Studies Conference, Vienna 2018
Motion Capture Studio, University of California, Irvine
Beat Museum San Francisco, 2018
Opening of the Media Art Space JOT12, Vienna 2018
JazzwerkstattWien Festival, Vienna 2018
OFF-Theater, Vienna 2018
Michael Fischer Werkpräsentation - Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna 2018
MOZG Festival, Warszawa
Audio Art Festival, Krakow
Art Space bb15, Linz
Schauspielhaus /Sägezahn performance series, Wien
Festival Globale, ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe
ReMap4 Contemporary Art Meeting, Athens
Irtijal festival Ashkal Alwan, Beirut
STEIM, Amsterdam (incl. lecture)
luggage store music gallery, San Francisco
Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam (incl. lecture)
Donaufestival Krems, Austria
Festival Kaleidophon, Austria
Austrian Cultural Forum NY, New York City

Biographical notes:
Michael Fischer, musician-composer works on the speech immanence of sounds, their sculptural and dramatic evidence,
in the field of improvised / experimental music. Since the end of the 90s interdisciplinary cooperations in the fields
of literature, dance, performance, visual media within an international context. In 1999, Michael Fischer began integrating
the acoustic phenomenon feedback into his work and developed an exclusively analog, no-effect-based instrument, the feedback-saxophone.
In 2004 he launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra and works with international improvisation orchestras, temporary large ensembles,
choirs since then. Since end of the 90ies numerous projects with artists from the international improvisation scene in Europe, Lebanon,
Canada, USA and Japan. Since 2005 radio and live-settings with writers of experimental poetry and prose (f.i. at the Beat Museum San Francisco)
Guest Lectures at the University of California/Irvine, The Johns Hopkins University Maryland, University of California Irvine,
Newcastle University Great Britain, University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Architecture Vaduz, a.m.o.