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acoustic tenorsaxophone, violin

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . foto orig & c by Enrica Di Gangi

M. A. D.
Alessandro Vicard: a-bass
Didi Kern: drums
M.F.: t-saxophone, violin, voice
with Peter Koger
Moozak Festival


Joao Castro Pinto: soundscapses, live processing
M.F. : t-saxophone, voice
interpenetration festival

John Edwards: a-bass
Marc Sanders: drums
M.F. : t-saxophone, violin, voice
Festival Internacional de Improvisación

Agnes Heginger: vocals
Thomas Stempkowski: bass
Wolfgang Reisinger: drums
M.F. : t-saxophone, violin, voice
Alte Schmiede


In 1990, after graduating, Michael Fischer immidiately started to develop an individual research method on chords and rhythm connected to extended jazz harmony. Mid of the 90ies he broke all down, starting with a new concept: combining one note to the other in intervals creating structures up to six notes. Practicing these scales/chords using the symmetrical subdivision of the saxophone connecting this with the application of all possible duration combinations from 1/16 triads to half notes - the result was an enlightening research for some additional years. In 1997 Michael turned to improvised music only, his focus went purposely to the idea that each action of sound as well as moments of silence require a particular environment and moment in the process to become clear and perceptible in its details...