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  Since 2005 Michael Fischer works on radio-art pieces with authors in experimental poetry, - replying, affirming, contrasting, accompanying, interpreting their readings with soundscapes on three cd players.
Developed at Michael Fischer's radio art series connex : context, the production process is based on an improvisational approach, live on air, bringing together samples of text and sound at the moment.
The setting of the radio series was then followed up by ongoing collaborations-projects-performances for/at festivals, different radio stations and other productions.

Live settings (SprachKlang_Landschaften, echolot or sample-schwebe) and preelaborated productions (selection):

with Petra Ganglbauer - 'Die Entfremdung fährt dazwischen' for 'In Gesellschaft zur Gesellschaft II', other performances at Literaturhaus am Inn a.o.

Peter Pessl - 'Sehe ich mit den Augen der Anderen' for ORF Ö1 Kunstradio,Kunstradio
'Im Tempel der Lu' - book presentation at Forum Stadtpark and Literaturhaus Graz a.o.

Sophie Reyer - sound-installation for the exhibition by Désirée Wickler at Abtei Neimënster in Luxemburg Eldorado, a.o.

Dieter Sperl - 'long seconds' for ORF Ö1 Kunstradio, for 'Manuskripte - Symposium and Literature Festival for Alfred Kolleritsch' at Kunsthaus Mürz, Literaturhaus Wien and Graz, Künstlerhaus 1050 a.o.;

Thomas Antonic - at the Beat Museum San Francisco, Sprachsalz festival, California Univ. radio stations KZSU and KFJC, Microfestival Prague a.o.;

with three authors, alternately reading, Petra Ganglbauer, Katharina Tiwald and Günther Vallaster at Literatur in Grün festival.

Authors: Petra Ganglbauer, Gerhard Jaschke, Peter Waugh, Peter Pessl, Magdalena Knapp-Menzel, Dieter Sperl, Semier Insayif, Ilse Kilic & Fritz Widhalm, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Julian Schutting, Ferdinand Schmatz, Birgit Schwaner, Sophie Reyer,
Rolf Schwendter, Margret Kreidl, Lucas Cejpek, Erika Kronabitter, Christine Huber, Waltraud Haas, Lisa Spalt, Susanne Toth, Thomas Antonic, Sina Klein, Jörg Zemmler, Konrad Prissnitz, Regina Hilber, Toni Kleinlercher, Karin Spielhofer, Natascha Gangl, Thomas Havlik, Klaus Haberl, Nikolaus Scheibner, Günter Vallaster, Christian Katt,
Janus Zeitstein, Wolfgang Helmhart, Marietta Böning, Stefan Alfare, Adelheid Dahimène(t), Karin Schöffauer(t).

A selection of SprachKlang_Landschaften was presented and discussed with
Michael Hammerschmid at sound barrier, Festival für Hörkunst im Raum.

flickering sound caves
with author Thomas Antonic
Sprachsalz Festival, Hall in Tirol 2018

SprachKlang_Landschaften with author Peter Pessl
presentation of his book 'Wiesenrom! Wiesenmein!' (Ritter Verlag, 2015) Forum Stadtpark, Graz

SprachKlang_Landschaften with author Margret Kreidl
at D.K.T. series
Flederhaus, Seestadt Aspern, Wien 2017

SKL - sound/poetry/scpaes with author Thomas Antonic presentation of his book 'Flackernde Felsbilder übler Nachtvögel' (Ritter Verlag, 2017)
Forum Stadtpark, Graz

SprachKlang_Landschaften with author Dieter Sperl
presentation of his book 'Von hier aus. Diary Samples'
Literaturhaus Graz 2013

'Long Seconds' with author Dieter Sperl
reading samples out of his text (45 sequences) 'wenn die landschaft aufhört'
radio art piece for Ö1 Kunstradio, ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) 2011

SprachKlang_Landschaften with author Petra Ganglbauer
'Die Entfremdung fährt dazwischen'
In Gesellschaft zur Gesellschaft III
Salon Praterstraße Vienna 2011

SprachKlang_Landschaften with authors
Petra Ganglbauer, Günter Vallaster and Katharina Tiwald
Literatur in Grün, Schloß Deutschkreutz 2009